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Spring Favorites

Make the most out of spring!

We've recommended some yummy, seasonal recipes and given you the beauty products that will give you the special spring glow, but what about activities? What is there to even do? Well, technically, we've been cooped up for about a whole year now. Isn't that crazy? It's now the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors. Safely, that is...

Spring is a magical season. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Kids can finally enjoy the outdoors, and parents, you can too! Push the spring cleaning aside for a little, and take this time to make memories together. Ditch wearing the PJ's to dinner - with extra hours of daylight, there's time to have fun afterward!

Don't miss out on the fun

There's so much to explore in the outdoors, so much to do! You can get active and enjoy a nice workout, or just sit out and soak up the beautiful weather - I mean, it's not like we can all enjoy it year-round! Here are some ideas:

Staying active?

  1. Go for a long bike ride

  2. Go for a walk on the beach

  3. Play frisbee

  4. Go for a swim

Looking for some fun with the family?

  1. Fly a kite

  2. Visit your local farmer's market, then have a picnic

  3. Explore local trails and take a mini hike

  4. Go camping... Not too cold, not too hot - the weather's just right!

  5. Plant a garden - you can enjoy all its freshness this summer

  6. Play in the rain - gotta make the best of a cloudy day...

  7. Pull out the burgers... it's bbq time!

Ready for some alone time?

  1. Have a picnic

  2. Sit outside with your favorite book

  3. Watch the sunset

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