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Spring into the Kitchen

Weighing your options?


We're just a few weeks away from spring, and you know what that means... The sun comes out, our produce is fresh and it's time to get creative in the kitchen. Winter foods may be nice and cozy, but after a long, cold season, there's nothing better than seeing spring's first beautiful harvest. The veggies are crisp and the fruits are glowing!

Keep it fresh with our Multi-function Digital Kitchen Scale, KS19! It's so easy to use, making it the perfect addition to your cooking regime. We know how crowded and messy kitchens can get, so this nutrition scale was designed to perfectly fit anywhere! With an 11 lb capacity, there's not much you won't be able to weigh. As the days get warmer, we found the perfect fresh-fruit popsicle recipe that will keep the kids - and adults - energized and satisfied after a long day of running around in the sun!

The Beurer XL Digital Kitchen Scale, KS34 White has a sleek, sophisticated design, which will add that modern spice to any kitchen! Strawberries are a kitchen staple in the spring. They're juicy and ripe and can be used in so many ways! Cut them up, freeze them, and add them to your morning smoothies. Want them for dessert? Melt some dark chocolate, dip the strawberries in, and freeze them for a few hours for the perfect chocolate-covered strawberries. You can even whip up a simple, refreshing salad and add some strawberries and pecans! A spring delight :)

Making coffee is easy, right? All you need is some coffee and water - but how do you get the perfect coffee? It's all about the balance... literally! The key to the perfect cup o' joe is a kitchen scale. Keep it consistent and better results will follow. Our XL Digital Kitchen Scale, KS34 will help you achieve just that. Its precise measurements, in lbs/oz as well as kg/g, will help you weigh up to 33 lbs. It even has a magical LED display, which is only visible when in use. Here's a tip from one coffee lover to another: make some coffee ice cubes to keep your iced coffee strong, tasty, and cold!

Beurer's impeccable kitchen scales are all designed to be more than a kitchen gadget - they're the accessory everyone wants in their kitchen!


Let the cooking begin!

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