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Brighter Days Ahead

Spring is coming... very soon. Can you believe spring starts in just a few days? Snowy days are behind us, and the coats are locked away. Sunny days become longer, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and nature is lively! There's so much to do in the spring, indoors or outdoors. This week, Beurer shares their spring beauty favorites - and some tips!

Facial cleansing brushes are so in

This season is all about glowing, dewy skin! First things first, makeup for bed is a beauty disaster! Facial brushes are great to help take off remaining makeup, exfoliate your skin, and are even more sanitary than using your hands! Softer brush heads are better for sensitive skin - so anyone can use them!

Step 1: Remove your make up

Step 2: Apply cleansing facial soap

Step 3: Massage the brush around your face

Now, take a look

Every vanity needs Beurer's illuminated, magnifying mirror. With an extra magnetic mirror for 5x the magnification and bright LED light throughout, that skincare routine just got better and brighter. A storage tray that carries all of your goodies and a design that matches every room. Getting ready for a sunny day has never been easier!

Hair removal at home

Your solution for a hair-free summer. Why wait until summer when you shouldn't be exposing yourself to direct sunlight after IPL treatments? Now is the perfect time to start your long-lasting hair removal process. No hassle and no pain! Beurer's IPL is a quick, simple, and safe way to remove unwanted hair.

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