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5 Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat

Little girl cooling off on hot summer day with water hose. How to beat the summer heat.

While summer brings the cookouts and beach weekends, the pesky heats also tag along and this year, it’s coming in HOT. All over the country, from Portland to the Great Plains, heat waves are putting everyone’s summer plans on pause. Places like Omaha, Nebraska are experiencing record temperatures of 105 degrees and summer is just getting started! If you’re not a fan of intense sweating we got 5 tips for you to beat the summer heat.

Know your cooling points

Applying an ice pack over your wrists and neck can cool you down quickly when you’re overheating. Every pulse point in your body, where you can feel your heartbeat, is able to cool down the body faster because the blood vessels are closer to the skin. The inside of your elbows and knees are also great cooling points you should definitely try out. Here is a great resource for all the cooling points on your body!

Bring out the air cleaner

While humidifying the air during an already too humid day might not sound like a good idea, some air cleaners and humidifiers use cold evaporation to filter out pollutants, giving the room a chilling effect. When a fan is not an option, this might be your new best friend. The freshness of the air will also hide any stinky sweat. The room will feel fresher and smell better! Try our BEURER AIR CLEANER AND AIR HUMIDIFIER, LW110. It uses cold evaporation and keeps the room at the optimal level of humidity for your health.

Stay hydrated

girl holding watermelon. Stay hydrated this summer with watermelon drinks and water.

Excessive sweating can strip essential moisture of your body, even though at the moment you might feel like you have too much moisture. Make sure you drink the recommended amount of water a day and avoid high levels of alcohol and caffeine, as they dehydrate you even more. Instead, add some hydrating foods like watermelons to your summer drinks! Fruits and veggies have more water content than other foods and will keep you energized and hydrated to beat the scorching heat.

Try a DYI air conditioner

All you have to do is place a bowl of ice next to a fan and let the cool air refreshen you. The cold evaporation does wonders to a hot room. For the tech-savvy, here are some great DIY air conditioner ideas using different materials. Try them out!

Bring on the spicy!

Eating spicy foods can bring down your body temperature. Just ask people in Mexico or India, who have integrated very spicy ingredients into their diets to fight the heat. Just make sure you take a cold shower after because eating spicy will definitely make you sweat more.

No matter how you cook down this summer, always remember that heat strokes are no fun and can be dangerous. Keep your health in check and enjoy the heat as much as you can. You’re gonna miss it when the freezing winter comes along.

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