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Walking into a Winter Wonderland

Time to bring out the scarves! While some people look forward to this time of year, others dread the thought of it. It may all depend on where you live - are you shoveling your car out of the snow, or are you finally feeling a cool breeze in the mornings? Wherever you may be, we welcome the winter wonderland!

This year, the winter solstice falls on Monday, December 21st. This is officially the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.


Did you know the first day of winter is also the shortest day of the year?


Typically, winter always begins between December 21st and December 22nd for the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere, on the other hand, experiences this six months later. The reason why it is also the "shortest day of the year" is that it's the only day of the entire year where there are fewer hours of sunlight. That may sound quite depressing, but there is a silver lining! Once the winter solstice occurs, the days will slowly start to become longer - that is until the summer solstice.

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