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Tips For That 2020 New Year, New You Feel

It's the start of a brand new year. The perfect time to take on new opportunities and overcome new challenges to help you grow into your best self. The term "New Year, New You" doesn't mean you have intentions to completely change who you are, you aren't looking for a new personality, or to be someone else. It simply means you want to improve your current self to possibly be a more active version, a more health-conscious version, a more motivated and goal-oriented version or even just a more positive version. Whichever version of yourself you aspire to be, here are a few tips that can help you along that journey.

Tip #1

Remember all those resolutions you wrote down at the end of last year? Well, it's time to start calling them goals. Using the term goals is more motivating, inspiring and allows you to celebrate small successes along the way. Scientific evidence proves that the words we use daily are a predictor of our success.

Tip #2

You have all these goals set and are excited to accomplish them. However, trying to accomplish all of them at the same time isn't very productive. Focus on your goals one at a time, instead of trying to spread your energy, time, and attention thinly across all your goals.

Tip #3

Break your goals down into smaller goals or steps. The thought of tackling a large project tends to be intimidating and creates doubt and fear in your mind. Breaking it down it smaller steps allows your brain to focus better and overall feel more capable of accomplishing each step.

Tip #4

Assign deadlines to each of the goals you have broken down. Applying deadlines to each goal forces you to start the required work as well as maintain it until everything has been completed. This also reduces your level of procrastination.

Tip #5

Tell others about your goals. This may seem counteractive to the common phrase "work in silence" but letting those who are close to you in on your overall goals can actually help keep you on track. They will support you along the way, check in on you and your progress and you will feel this urge to keep pushing as you do not want to disappoint or let them down.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”

~ David Allen

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