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The Magic Benefits of Running

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

If you're looking to get back into shape and are dreading going into your local gym and signing up, there may be a simple solution. Running is one of the easiest workouts you can muster up and all you need are a good pair of running shoes and some stamina. No memberships, no crowded gyms where you have to wait for machines. Running has the ability to get you sweating in a matter of minutes and its a form of cardio exercise that's very accessible.

Contrary to what people think, running actually may improve knee health.

Knee pain can quickly sideline a runner. It's often a sign of over-training or a need to improve one's form or flexibility. But running probably isn't the cause of knee pain.

In one eight-year study of 2,637 participants, researches found that the more people ran, the less likely they were to suffer from knee pain or osteoarthritis. While it's hard to say that running directly caused people to experience less knee pain, researchers think that could be the case since running helps people keep their BMI in check and their leg muscles strong. Running also strengthens bones. (1)

Even a 30-minute run can lift symptoms of depression and improve mood

Spending 30 minutes running is enough to lift the mood of someone suffering from major depression disorder, according to a study published in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. Even participants who moved at a walking pace received the same mood-lifting benefit. (2)

This shows that no matter what pace you're going, simply moving has a positive effect.

A good motivator to start running is friends! Try to get some friends or co-workers to join you next time you head out for a jog.

Another good motivator is sponsored marathons. Several times a year major cities have corporate run events that you and your company can take place in. In April, Beurer and several other teams will be joining Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run in Miami.

Running can significantly improve cardiovascular health

We know that aerobic activity is good for the heart, so it's no surprise that running can improve cardiovascular fitness. In general, the more people run, the healthier their hearts tend to be. But you can get benefits without having to do a lot: running just five minutes per day could add years to your life, according to a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. (3)

Running can improve your mind at any age and fight age-related cognitive decline

If you want to keep your mind healthy as you age, research indicates exercising is one of the best things you can do.

A review of research on the cognitive-boosting effect of aerobic exercise (which in many studies was either running, jogging or brisk walking) found that for children, running improved working memory and focus. For young adults, working memory saw a similar boost-as did task-switching ability.

For older adults, this sort of activity provides a long list of cognitive benefits, including working memory, focus, and task switching. (4)

Running is a great way to burn calories

At a pace of 5 mph (about 12-minute mile), a 160 -pound person will burn 606 calories an hour- and a 200-pound person will burn 755 calories in that hour.

Going faster, at 8 mph (a 7:30 mile), those people would burn 861 and 1,074 calories respectively. There are about 200 calories in your average donut, nothing that a nice treadmill session can't fix!

Running and other forms of aerobic exercise significantly reduce your chances of health complications

Getting 30 minutes or more of aerobic exercise on a daily basis makes people significantly less likely to suffer from health complications of any cause. Getting an hour or more of movement is even better, according to some research. (5)

People who meet these exercise guidelines are significantly less likely to develop a number of forms of cancer, according to a major review of research.

For many people, the easiest way to get all these benefits of exercise is to get out and start running.

So you've found your groove and have been running for several weeks and feel amazing. With the exception of your achy quads and sore calves. It is imperative to rest when your body demands it but The BEURER Fascia ReleaZ helps with the recovery process. It can speed up tissue regeneration boost blood supply & circulation, while aiding to help your body increase its elasticity & resilience of muscles. Check out our other blog on what exactly fascia is and how it is key to feeling and performing well.

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