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Taking Advantage of Time

Updated: May 6, 2020

How often do you find yourself thinking "there aren't enough hours in the day" or "if I didn't have to do this, I'd have more time to do what I really want" or even "I have no time after work"? Most people say these statements every day as an excuse to not work out, read, or take some time to just breathe and relax. For some, it's not even an excuse, they say it as if they were programmed to do so; it's almost automatic. Time is precious, and we definitely don't take advantage of it.

With all that's going on in the world right now, all we have is time! Let's use this as an opportunity to learn to manage it. We all have priorities, whether it's work, spending time with family, cleaning, etc; however, there's more time than we think.

To cope with anxiety and this whole not-having-enough-time thing, start by planning out your day. Make a schedule. Include things you must do and things you like to do.

Take a look at this example:

Sure, it seems like a crazy, busy day, but imagine how fulfilled you'd feel after getting through all your priorities and enjoying life at the same time. People are so preoccupied with getting things done and going to work, and they forget the most important thing: sanity.

If we take this into consideration and input our hobbies into our daily lives now that we do have some free-time, perhaps this self-quarantine, or even national quarantine, will have taught us all more than we thought possible.

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