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Summer Essentials

Gather all your things and get ready for a"staycation". Just because COVID-19 canceled your travel plans this year, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy some vacation days. Your kids may be used to packing up and getting ready for summer camp or your annual family trip. You may be used to waving goodbye at your job for a week or two, but now your paid time off is just sitting there untouched.

There are many people who aren't able to travel all the time, so this may be a moment to reflect and be grateful, but this is also a time to reinvent your vacations. What do those who can't travel do?

Day Trip

Take a day trip to your favorite beach or park. Whether it's an hour or two away, this can be a great way to de-stress. There's something so exciting about waking up extra early for a mini road trip and going out to explore. You can definitely social distance while outdoors and still enjoy a new experience.

The Ultimate "Staycation"

A day trip may be too exhausting for those with multiple young ones, or maybe it just doesn't spark your interest. If that's the case, and you rather keep up with quarantine, plan some fun nights in. Turn your home into a spa or a movie theater. At the beginning of quarantine, we had a blog that was specifically for spicing things up at home.

Quarantine: Couples Edition

Keep the romance alive! Just because your summer getaway was canceled, it doesn't mean you can't plan the perfect date night. Support your local restaurants and order your favorite food, even if it's from your favorite upscale restaurant. Watch your favorite movie. It's nice to make the most of the little things.

Plan a Trip

Surely, this will end and there will be better days ahead. We will go back to normal, or a "new normal". If keeping that in mind makes you feel more optimistic, then start planning your future vacation! It'll be a great time to take smaller trips, maybe to states bordering your own.

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