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Stay Warm And Toasty All Winter Long

Bring out the fuzzy socks and hot chocolate because colder months are officially here! Regardless of where you are in the US, you may have noticed a dip in the temperature, but if you are in the Northeastern regions then you've definitely realized its a lot colder. Currently, the North East region of the US is experiencing an Arctic Blast. If not sure what it is, head over to our Facebook Page where we give you a full rundown of the current weather conditions and what you can expect for the new few days.

Bundle Up With Beurer

Staying warm during these colder times can seem like a hassle, stressful or almost impossible to get to the level of warmth you desire. Investing in a few high-quality heating products can completely turn this process around for you. We offer a wide range of heating products that will meet your needs, health concerns, and personal preferences. We suggest investing in heating products as you and your family will be able to use them for seasons to come.

Our Portable Shoulder Heating Wrap is perfect for those extra cold mornings when you're heading to work or school. Designed with extra soft fabric to accommodate maximum flexibility, our Heating Wrap can be worn under your clothing to provide you with direct warmth and comfort without that bulky or bulgy appearance. Its portable capability gives you two full hours of cordless heat to enjoy as you go about your daily tasks.

Snowed in or it's just a bit too cold to step outside? Made from the softest fleece fibers our Electric Heating Blanket will keep you at the perfect temperature and coziness all day long, whether you decide to relax on the couch, lay in bed or get some work done by your desk. Customize your heating experiencing through the six different temperature settings found in the detachable control unit.

Need some extra warmth at work without having to add even more layers to your daily outfit, then our Infrared Heat Lamp will be a great addition to your desk decor. Designed to deliver effective and comforting heat to the body, our Infrared Heat Lamp also works to improve blood circulation which encourages any damaged muscles or tissues to heal and reduce any stiffness. Equipped with an automatic shut off feature and overheating protection, no need to worry about getting too comfortable at home and dozing off for a few minutes.

All heating products have been designed with safety as a top priority. They are all safe to be used around babies, children, and pets. They will more than enjoy the warm benefits our heating products have to offer.

Stay Warm and Cozy!

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