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Some Advice from Beurer Beauty

It’s been about three months of living with COVID-19, and adjustments are still being made. Isn’t this crazy? This wasn’t just a bad dream? We surely didn’t think it would last this long, or at least we hoped it wouldn’t.

We shouldn’t leave the house without a facial covering, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, etc. We’ve learned that the best way to prevent spread is to stay at home, avoid touching your face, wash your hands often, and maintain a safe distance, but again, it’s been three months… Are we going to live like this forever?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the answers to that, but life will go on. As many public places begin to open again, it’s up to us to take all precautions to stay healthy and keep our loved ones safe. ALWAYS wear a mask.

With constant face coverings, Beurer Beauty has some advice to share:

Nurses, along with other essential workers, wear personal protective equipment for endless hours, experience rashes and even bruising. Although your skin reactions may not be as severe, you may be having more breakouts than usual. This is because the facial coverings decrease air circulation and cause your pores to clog up.

The best way to prevent acne is to keep your face clean.

Wash your face before and after putting on your mask. Use a facial cleanser with LED blue light. LED blue light is known to target and destroy bacteria and is gentle on the skin. Reaching deep into the skin, it unclogs your pores and eliminates impurities.

The renowned Hyaluronic Acid provides skin benefits.

You may have heard this before. Hyaluronic Acid is becoming increasingly popular and is great for keeping skin plump and giving your a more firm appearance. Here are some more benefits:

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