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Relax, Recharge & Reflect

It's easy to get caught up in work, school and just life in general, and when that happens it's even easier to become stressed, overwhelmed or even experience anxiety. That's why it is vital to set aside some time each day, even if it's just twenty minutes, to block everything out and just simply relax. The way we decide to relax, or the activities we decide to engage in will definitely vary from person to person, what you may find to be relaxing, your friend may find it makes them even more stressed out than before. Here are a few activities and foods we recommend for relaxing your mind and body.

Relaxing Activities

1. Inhale some feel-good scents

Essential oils are known to be jam-packed with health benefits, the most commonly known benefit is to calm our nerves and relieve stress. What better way to relax than adding a few drops of lavender or any other essential oil you love into our Essential Oil Diffuser and letting it do its thing.

2. Get your head below your heart, literally

We all know about that fight or flight response our bodies have. Having your head below your heart has restorative effects on the autonomic nervous system which counteracts the fight or flight response. Try placing your head between your knees while sitting down, or stand up and hang your head and arms towards your toes.

3. Connect with your breath

When we are stressed or overwhelmed we unknowingly hold our breaths, take shallow breaths or even hyperventilate. By doing this we are causing our bodies to think we are in a fight or flight situation causing it to add to the stress of our bodies. Be aware of your breathing and in stressful moments take a moment to take slow and full breaths, this will bring you back to your relaxed state.

4. A quick hand massage

If you work in an office, then you probably spend most of your day tapping away on your keyboard replying to emails or even scrolling endlessly through your phone. Overtime tension in your hands can build up, a quick 5-minute massage can relieve that tension. We recommend our Handheld Mini Body Massager to give you a fast but deep and effective massage of your hands or anywhere else on your body that may be tense.

5. Enjoy some sweet and gooey honey

Honey is known to help relieve anxiety, fight off depression and even protect the brain. Add honey to any meal, snack, beverage or even straight from the jar for some extra goodness and even a quick energy boost.

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