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Summer may be over but relaxation doesn't have to end. Finding a balance between work life and personal time may be a challenge. With endless responsibilities to take care off, it may seem like there are not enough hours in a day to spend with yourself. However, we are here to show that relaxation belongs as a priority too.

Why is Relaxing So Important?

Though you may have some correlation in your mind with relaxing and being "lazy". These two are entirely different. Laziness implies you are simply ignoring your responsibilities and rather not use any energy. While relaxing involves reducing tension or anxiety.

By relaxing for just one hour a day you will be able to:

If these reasons aren't enough for you to change your ways. Studies show that relaxation reduces blood pressure and heart rate while increasing blood flow to the major muscles.

Relaxation has its benefits but we understand if you are unable to book a private massage every week. We are going to show you some inexpensive ways can still achieve an inner peaceful state of mind.

Ways to Improve Relaxation

Relaxation calls for a change of pace from the daily routine. By incorporating the following:

Put ease to your worries- at least for a moment with our Shiatsu Foot Massager. With 8 rotating massage balls, one-speed function and heat function. Easy to slide under a couch and pull out when needed! It's the perfect accessory to pair up with reading, watching TV or simply relaxing at home.

While working, muscles can get sore and cramped from sitting too long. Using our portable mini body massager, you no longer have to wait till you go home to sooth your muscle aches. By relieving joint and muscle pain it increases focus and productivity.

We understand that not all jobs involve sitting. If you have an all-day standing job, we know how exhausting and strenuous that can be on your feet. In order to avoid crack in your soles, we recommend to include our foot bath in your after work routine. It includes 3 settings: water heating, vibration and bubble massage. Allowing you to bring the salon to the comfort of your own home.

Waking up can be hard. Don't stress yourself out in the mornings with an alarm clock that scares you. Change up the atmosphere with our wake-up-light. With 4 different colors to choose from to match your morning mood. Make waking up a gradual and stress-free process by having a light simulate sunlight in a more organic and natural way.

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