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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Surely, being stuck at home has taken a toll by now. Your summer travel plans were most likely put on pause, and if you have children, the online schooling may have just added onto your "things that give me a headache" list. Who knew a pandemic could be this bad?

As some countries begin to lift travel restrictions, millions of people are starting to plan their Labor Day weekend. As some head on over to the "hot spots" throughout the states, others are still a bit skeptical to just hop on a plane - with good reason, of course. Although the United States is the leading country in COVID-19 cases, with proper hygiene and execution of precautions, a mini-vacation just might be possible.


Here are some Tips:

Take a road trip or a day trip

  1. With proper preparation, a road trip/day trip can be quite safe and fun. Start by planning out a route and plan to stop at places with low rates of the virus. Make sure your rest spots aren't closed temporarily.

  2. Packing is always a little bit stressful - trying not to forget anything. Now, there's some more pressure. All the cleaning supplies are a priority in packing! Don't forget the hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes/spray, gloves, and bags to dispose of everything in.

  3. Figure out your dining situations beforehand. Many restaurants are closed for dine-in, while others only accommodate a limited amount of people. Take-out is probably your best bet given the times.

  4. If you have to think about your sleeping arrangements, consider hotels and Airbnb's. You want to make sure to limit your exposure to other people. Upon arrival, you can disinfect every surface, and perhaps, you might even want to bring your own bedding!


Even though this year hasn't been ideal, it's not too late to plan something light. If you stay mindful of the quarantine restrictions, such as social distancing and ALWAYS wearing a mask, it's possible to enjoy what you do in your city, somewhere else. When planning a trip in this situation, no matter how small, make sure you take into consideration any and all risks.

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