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Parent tested Parent Approved Award-2019

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

When shopping for the right product for your little one, it can often become a daunting task rather than fun. Overwhelmed with the amount of products to pick, how can you ensure you are making the best choice? Where do you even begin?

Have no fear Parent Tested Parent Approved is here!

Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) provides parents with a secure blanket, by ensuring product satisfaction. Giving parents an ease when walking down the store aisles. The need to blindly trust a product is no longer needed. In fact, over 80% said that seeing the Seal of Approval associated with a product made them feel more confident about that purchase and that brand. Ranking on of the one of the top most recognized certifications in the marketplace.

How did we receive this award?

With an easy 1,2,3 process. Beurer recently sent Beurer Electric Dual Breast Pump to PTPA.

  1. Sent the product to the company and 10 families.

  2. Collected the reviews from the families.

  3. Receiving amazing reviews from parents-translating into Beurer North America receiving the award of Parent Tested Parent Approved.

Beurer Breast Pump Benefits:

The Beurer BY70 Dual Breast Pump with vacuum technology can pump more milk in a shorter period of time than conventional breast pumps. Suitable for one and two-sided pumping. Being selected as a 2019 Parent Tested Parent Approved is no surprise with these features.


Each mom has different preferences when it comes to breast pumping. We want this to be comfortable for all moms, each time - with the memory function, you have a personalized mode.


With 10 stimulation levels & 10 pumping levels, we've ensured that this will be your most comfortable and customization pump. The breast pump can be used as a double & single pump.


Being a mom with a newborn can be overwhelming, which is why the BY70 is seamless to use, whether at home, or on the go. Don't stress it, we've designed our breast pump with you in mind. With a durable and handy tote bag with a that holds everything you need for portable and discreet pumping.


Our unit has easy assembly - includes: 2 bottles, matching screw plugs for bottles, 2 bottle holders, 2 silicone cups, caps & manual pump. All BPA free. Compatible with AVENT & NUK bottles.

Let the reviews speak for themselves...

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