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One Of Life's Essentials: Clean Air

Living the healthiest life possible should always be a top priority no matter what. One aspect of living an overall healthy life is the quality of the air you breathe daily, especially the air in your home. Many of us don't think much about the air and how it could possibly be affecting us and our families, especially the children whose bodies are still developing. There are various natural and decorative ways you can improve the air quality in your home. Here's what we recommend:

Our Essential Oil Diffuser and Air Humidifier is a great option if creating a relaxing ambiance in your home while still purifying the air is what you desire. Essential oils such as Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree, just to name a few, are known to help remove various toxins from the air. Ideal for bedrooms, offices, kid's room and other medium-sized rooms in your home, creating a feel-good atmosphere is easy. Our Essential Oil Diffuser and Air Humidifier comes equipped with an intelligent sleep mode that turns off all the lights on the product and the ultrasonic technology creates no sound as the Diffuser and Humidifier continues to operate.

For the larger rooms in your home, our Air Cleaner and Humidifier will get the job done. Designed to keep the air in your home at the optimal humidity level while still removing harmful toxins and pollutants through the use of cold evaporation, all while being energy efficient. Our Air Cleaner and Humidifier consumes very low levels of energy allowing it to operate quietly and effectively without putting a dent on your electricity bill. Equipped with 3 fan power levels, a water level indicator and a safety switch-off when the tank is empty, our Air Cleaner and Humidifier is hassle-free and filter-free. Being filter-free means there is no need to purchase expensive replacement filters as it has been designed to run at its top efficiency all the time.

3. Beurer Air Purifier 3-in-1 EPA Layer Filter System

For extra purification, our Air Purifier 3-in-1 EPA Filter System is the key. Designed with three different filter layers, the prefilter, activated carbon filter and EPA filter our Air Purifier ensures that any dust, pet fur or dander, odors, pollen, harmful gases, and even bacteria and viruses are removed from the air. 99.5% of impurities will be removed from the air in your home leaving you with nothing but the cleanest and purest air for you and your family to inhale. To ensure that the contaminants are removed during the night while you are sound asleep, our Air Purifier comes equipped with a Sleep Mode that switches over to a quieter operating mode and also dims the lights on the operating panel. Customize your purification to fit the needs of your home with the 3 different fan speeds as well as the 3 different timer options.

"When your environment is clean, you feel happy, motivated and healthy."

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