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National Men's Health Month

In the midst of June, it's important to understand this month represents more than the beginning of summer but also highlights men's health and calls action to change diet and exercise habits. Below are listed some ways to monitor your well being and along the way improve overall health.

What Steps should you take to monitor your health?

1. Go to the doctors regularly:

While this not groundbreaking news, the only way to know truly if you are healthy is to go to all annual checkups. However, according to data collected from a Cleveland Clinic in 2018, 60 percent of men don't attend their annual checkups regularly. This is an alarmingly high percentage, especially since doctors can conduct test that can not be done on your own.

2. Know your Blood Pressure:

It is important to be aware of how high your blood pressure may be. Higher blood pressure indicates future health problems. The ideal blood pressure to obtain is 120 over 80. By using a blood pressure monitor at home you will be able to keep track of it easily. This Beurer Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor for $27.58, provides accurate testing with:

  • Fully Automatic Blood Pressure For The Upper Arm

  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection

  • Averaging Function For Saved Measurements

  • Incorrect Usage Message - to ensure accurate results

3. Exercise:

Just spending 30 minutes a day can strengthen your heart. Becoming active not alone increases your health physically but can positively impact on your mental health. Low impact workout ideas:

  • Hiking

  • Yoga

  • Swimming

  • Dancing

  • Golf

4. Cut back on sodium:

Diets that contain high sodium levels increase blood pressure. The sources of high sodium intakes often do not come from your household, but from packaged foods and restaurants. Ways to combat this are:

  • Read the package clearly and look for key indicators such as, “broth”, “saline” or “sodium solution.” These are usually high alerts for sodium intake.

  • Compare products, when choosing an item try to compare at least between two different brands to ensure you are choosing the option with less sodium.

  • Look for products with the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark, as an guide to picking a healthier option.

These small 4 tips can lead to a big change towards a healthier lifestyle. Bringing awareness to ensure men are properly maintaining a health life is a step in the right direction.

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