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Nails Are a Girl's Best friend

It’s week three of the quarantine, perhaps more or less for some of you, and things are starting to get a little bit dull. There aren’t many places to go, and you’ve already cleaned out your closet, binge watched a whole new Netflix original, and remodeled the house…twice. It’s crucial to stay occupied to avoid being preoccupied. Those thoughts your brain likes to wander through in times like these can lead to a whirlpool of emotions and actions. Let’s stray away from all of that. Rather than worrying about aspects far out of anyone’s control, center your thoughts on what you can control.

How are your manicure and pedicures looking? If you’re like us at Beurer, they are way overdue. Salons are closed and who knows when they will re-open. If you’re someone who goes once or twice a month, this is more than likely affecting you greatly. Luckily, taking off gel, acrylic, and dip nails is easier than you think! Perhaps after reading this, you may not need to pay as many visits in the future.

Step 1: Using an electric nail drill, file down the top, shiny layer of your polish. When the nail is dull, this first step is complete. (We recommend using Beurer's 24-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit)

Step 2: Using 100% acetone, wrap your nails with a soaked cotton ball in aluminum foil for approximately 20 minutes. Another method is simply soaking an entire hand in a bowl of acetone for approximately 15 minutes. Some people recommend placing the bottle of acetone in warm water before using; they claim the process is quicker.

Step 3: Using an acetone-soaked cotton ball, wipe down any remaining polish from the nail. If there is still excess polish, dip into the acetone for a few more minutes.

Step 4: Using some lotion and cuticle oil, keep your nails healthy and pamper yourself!

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