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Moms, It's National Breastfeeding Month!

Did you know the month of August is also National Breastfeeding Month?

Some mothers are hesitant to start breastfeeding, while others simply think it's too much work. The bright side? It's a healthy start to your baby's life. Not only does it help strengthen their immune system, but it also strengthens the bond between mother and child. Breast milk is always at the perfect temperature and provides your baby with the exact nutrients they need. Breastfeeding doesn't need to be all that difficult. With new technology, breast pumping has never been easier.

Beurer's baby category offers the BY70 Electric Dual Breast Pump.

Its vacuum technology helps you pump more milk in a shorter period of time than other conventional breast pumps. You are able to personalize the pump to ensure total comfort, and it even has a memory function. It's perfect whether you're at home or on the go. It comes with a tote bag, so pumping is as discrete as possible.

Yes, parenting just got a little bit easier.

What are some benefits?

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