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Love is in the Air

Can you believe Valentine's Day is right around the corner... again? As with every other holiday, or event, this past year, it's going to look different. Perhaps the beauty in this year's valentine's day is the opportunity for quality time. Rather than thinking of all the things that could have been done, enjoy the little moments and gestures. There are still many ways to make February 14th uniquely special for your significant other.

Are you the type of person whose ideal valentine's day includes a weekend getaway full of adventure? There are still ways to spend time away from home to fully immerse in quality time. Book a staycation! You know, the one where you get the full feeling of a vacation but don't go very far... Order in some room service, and maybe even explore the outdoors. A nice bike ride around town can be quite bonding, or perhaps a sunset picnic. Maybe even end the day by planning your next vacation?

Okay, so traveling isn't your thing, but the adventure is always calling your name... Set up a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt for your partner! It can be around the house, neighborhood, or even around the town. Place little clues, each leading to the next destination, maybe they reference sweet memories that help lead them. The final destination can be the place you first met, the location of the first date you ever went on, or a meaningful gift.

Dinner and a movie are your go-to date nights. If that's how you know you spend your best nights, why not celebrate the day of romance that way? Spice things up in the kitchen! Better yet, sign up for an online cooking class and make dinner together. Follow it up with some home-made chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of your favorite wine. Pair it all up with your favorite Rom-com and call it a night! Now tell me that doesn't sound ideal...

If planning isn't your thing, have your partner pick a number from 1 to 3, twice. Pair two of the below and there you have it!


We wish you all a happy and safe Valentine's Day! ❤

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