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Light Up Your World

Let's get into some LED Technology. What is LED Technology you ask? Well, for starters LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These Light Emitting Diodes are solid-state devices that convert electric energy directly into the light of a single color that is visible to us. LED Technology can bed found in lighting, light therapy, and display screens just to name a few.

LED Technology In Lighting

If you're looking to save a few dollars on your electricity bill or just want to be more environmentally conscious with the products you use, then its time to invest in some LED lights. LED Lights are known to be a great alternative to the traditional incandescent light bulbs we grew up using. Unlike traditional light bulbs that convert 95% of energy into wasted heat and only 5% into actual light, LED lights convert that same 95% of energy into actual light and the 5% into wasted heat. Using less energy to produce light means that there is a decrease in the demand from the power plants which leads to less greenhouse gas emissions being produced. Not only are LED lights great for saving energy but the light produced mimics natural outdoor lighting providing you with various health benefits like a more balanced circadian rhythm or reduced stress and anxiety.

Beurer North America offers a wide range of products that have been designed with this beneficial LED Technology:

LED Technology In Beauty

You're probably wondering how LED Technology has found its way into the world of beauty. Amongst all the beauty trends coming and going, LED Phototherapy has managed to stick around. LED Phototherapy or Light Therapy is a non-invasive hand and facial treatment that uses narrowband, non-thermal LED light energy. Our skin uses this energy to fuel the repair of damaged cells, kill bacteria, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and boosts circulation.

Our Blue Light LED Facial Brush is designed with LED Technology in the form of blue lights. The benefits of the Blue Lights are as follows:

  • Powerful antibacterial properties that treat acne without irritating the skin

  • Reduces oil production

  • Prevents future breakouts

  • Offers a UV-free alternative for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis

  • Conditions your skin

  • Removes free radicals that oxidize and age your skin

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

LED Lights come in many different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors so finding something to match your personality and home decor perfectly will be as easy as flipping a light switch.

Happy LED Lights Shopping!

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