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Let Your Hair Do The Talking!

We all dream about having salon fresh, frizz-free, and voluminous hair every single day, however, the reality of that is sometimes our hair is just flat, frizzy or just doesn't want to cooperate. On the bright side, there are many tools and products that you can use to keep your hair as healthy as possible so those bad hair days don't have to be so bad!

Say Goodbye to Tangles and Frizz!

How many times have you decided to completely avoid a certain hairstyle because you just know the moment you step outside nature is going to work her magic and frizz your entire head of hair? Or how many times have you put off washing your hair because you know how tedious and painful the detangling process is going to be? We've all been there at some point in our life. We recommend the FrizzFree Ion Detangling Brush which features Ion Technology.

What that means is that once the brush is turned on it will begin generating negative ions. These negative ions will then counteract the static charge of your hair making it easier for the brush to glide through your hair while it separates those tangles and removes all that frizz, leaving you with silky smooth luxurious hair. The best thing about our FrizzFree Ion Detangling Brush is that it is super compact, so you can drop in your purse and have it with you at all times! From frizzy to frizz-free!

Your Hair Can Eat It Too!

We all love food and we all know some foods provide more benefits for our bodies than others. But did you know that our hair can benefit just as much if we apply the right combination of ingredients? Check out these all-natural DIY hair masks you can try at home with products you probably already have sitting in your kitchen!

Avocado & Banana - Damaged & dull hair

Egg & Mayo - Dry hair

Yogurt & Honey - Frizzy, dry & brittle hair

Strawberry & Mayo - Dull & rough hair

Pumpkin & Honey - Dry, dull and frizzy hair

Hydrating Hair - Damaged hair

Milk & Honey - Thin, brittle damaged hair

Banana & Olive Oil - Chemically or heat damaged hair

Aloe Vera & Cinnamon - Promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff and prevents an itchy scalp

Apart from applying these ingredients topically to our hair, what we put into our bodies also plays a major role in the health of our hair. After all the hair growth process does begin within our scalp.

Happy Detangling!

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