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After about 4 months of many people working from home, we begin to ask ourselves: could this be permanent? There are definitely some benefits for both employees and business owners, but how does a company keep its culture alive?

We've provided tips on staying sane while working from home, such as getting ready in the mornings, following your normal schedule, using that extra commute time to prepare for your day more, etc. However, there are also things businesses can do to help make this change easier, especially if it's something that can be permanent in the future. With all the uncertainty in the world, it's nice to make some gestures to keep your team inspired.

Maintain Your Company Culture

If you've been holding virtual team meetings, there are so many ways to spice them up!

We, at Beurer, have a team meeting once a week where we discuss anything we would like to talk about - whether it's business or personal, it's just a time to let it all out.

Last week, we decided to get festive. We put together some care packages for the Fourth of July and included some BINGO cards. It was quite a fun way to bring everyone together with a little competition, and of course, there were prizes for the winners.


How are you keeping your team inspired?

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