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Keep It Moving: Why It's Important To Track Your Every Step.

When you hear the phrase "being active" what's the first thing that comes to your mind? The gym or some athletic exercise right? Well, there's much more to being active than just hitting the gym a few times a week. Being active is about doing any form of physical activity, whether it's simple or strenuous, that will get your blood pumping, boost your endorphins and improve your overall health. There are a variety of fun ways you can be active that will have positive effects on different aspects of your health.

Effects Of Being Active

Tracking the benefits your activity levels

It's important to keep track of how your body is reacting to the various activities you participate in and also to keep you motivated and reaching the goals you set for yourself. We offer a wide range of products to track various aspects of your life, whether it's tracking your heart rate, blood pressure levels, calorie consumption or even sleep tracking.

Ideal for tracking your blood pressure levels and heart rate. Our Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor simplifies the tracking process as it has been designed with an average function. How these features work is that it averages all saved measurements, as well as, takes an average of morning & evening blood pressure for the last 7 days. It also identifies and alerts you of any heart rhythm disturbances that have been detected.

If you are looking more to track how much you have done during your activity, then our Smart Activity Sensor will be a great addition to your daily essentials. It has the capability to track your steps, distance, calorie consumption, activity duration, the achievement of activity goals and even sleep tracking. All this data is super easy to access as our Smart Activity Sensor comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. This allows you to sync the Activity Sensor with our free Health Coach App where you will gain an overview of your progress.

Start your active lifestyle today by going trick or treating with the kids for Halloween, a quick walk around the neighborhood is a great way to get your blood flowing and it's always a plus when you get to spend time with friends and family.

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