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Is there such thing as brushing your hair the wrong way?

Are you brushing your hair the wrong way? How can you tell if you are? What are the solutions?

The art of hair

What may seem so easy, can be done so wrong. People with long hair average 3 brushes a day- that's 1,095 in a year. Imagine the damage that can be done by brushing your hair wrong 1,095 times! These few techniques can ensure long lasting, healthy hair.

Tip 1: Brush Small Sections

While we are always in a hurry and it may be convenient to simply run the brush through all strands together; refrain from doing so. Think of all the split ends you will cause. Instead run you fingers through and divide it into small sections. This will allow the brush to do its job, without causing breakage or worse- tugging the whole strand out all together.

Tip 2: Brush From Bottom Up

Rule of thumb: brush from the bottom and work your way up. When brushing in small sections and from the bottom, it prevents the weakening of the hair when the brush come in contact with a knot. Avoiding this practice can cause excess stress on hair. Life is as stressful enough, don't add extra stress to your hair.

Tip 3: Choose The Right Brush

A brush is a tool used to maintain the health of your hair. You need to ensure that you are choosing one with the same priority in mind. The Beurer FrizzFree Electric Detangling Hair Brush, ensures silky, frizz free, untangled hair for all types! Small and cute enough to store in your bag for on the go. Unlike other brushes the Beurer Detangling Brush produces negative ions that actively counter act the static charge in hair.

Tip 4: Don't Brush Your Hair Wet

Hair has feelings too and they can be sensitive. Especially, when it is wet. Water causes the hair to expand, leaving damage to the hair shafts if brushed upon when wet. Instead of doing good, the results are nothing but harm. Creating new frizz ends when the hair finally sets to dry.

Tip 5: Understand that hair is suppose to shed

While it may be scary to see strands of hair falling out, note that this is completely normal. In fact, we can lose about 100 strands a day. So do not panic when you see some standards in your brush. It is simply the circle of life.

By understanding these 5 tips your hair will strengthen and love you back.

Say goodbye to frizzy hair and say hello to silky salon hair.

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