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How Light Improves Productivity

Man working on the computer at a coffee shop

Did you know light has a direct impact on mood, concentration, and productivity? In our previous blog post, we talked about the importance of maintaining healthy sleeping practices to keep your circadian rhythm in check – like reducing light intake right before bed for a better night's sleep. Today, we are discussing how light energy can improve alertness and productivity during the day!

According to this article, there is a significant link between light and circadian rhythm regulation. It says that good lighting can genuinely improve a person's mood, productivity, and alertness, especially in office settings.

Benefits of Using Daylight Lamps

This article highlights different ways daylight lamps can be beneficial for productivity and long-term health:

  • Can be used to treat non-seasonal depression and alleviate symptoms of SAD

  • Correct sleep-wake disturbances created by jet lag, sleep disorders, and work schedules

  • May improve symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia

  • Improved visual clarity and mental awareness

Lucky for you, Beurer offers a variety of daylight lamps for all your productivity needs!

  • Daylight Lamp with Natural Bright Sunlight, TL30

  • MoodBliss Smart Moodlight, ML20

  • Bluetooth Daylight Lamp and Mood Light, TL100

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