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Happy World Food Day!



World Food Day began in 1979. This specific day was to fall on October 16th every year to honor the establishment of the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization. However, as time went on, people all around the world began to recognize the amount of poverty and hunger that exists. It is now a day to reflect and make others aware of the truth behind food shortage and encourage people to take action, as well as a time to celebrate our sources of food.

In 1981, themes were added to each World Food Day. The themes usually targeted a current event and tied it into the cause - often the target was agriculture. This year, the year of the pandemic, the theme is: "Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together." It has been quite a year for nearly everyone. It has shown us all how precious our health is and how much we should care for it. For those who are able to: consider lending a helping hand to those who have suffered through food shortages.

Ways to Celebrate

  1. Get educated on the subject of poverty and world hunger.

  2. Learn about foods from different places. How does culture affect food choices?

  3. Gather some friends and raise some money to support a local food bank.

  4. Share information and help raise awareness!


We, at Beurer, believe in spreading awareness and helping those in need. Click here to find your local food bank or to see how you can assist.

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