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Get Creative In The Kitchen

Updated: May 6, 2020

Nothing in your life should be a chore. Finding ways to spice everyday tasks up is what makes life a little bit more interesting. Hopefully, by now, we've all come to accept this lock-down as something we can't change; all we can really do is make the most of it. What if we try to make everything on your to-do list a game?


Next time you're in the kitchen, follow these steps:

1. Take out the least used spice in your kitchen cabinet.

2. Pull out three things from either the fridge or pantry, or a combination of both.

3. Chop everything up and find a way to mix it together.

P.S. Try to narrate everything as you go, take pictures of your final meal, and have fun with it.


Congratulations! You just participated in your very own "pretend cooking show". How does it feel to be a step closer to a MasterChef competition?

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