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For Keeping Us Safe, Thank You

It must be hard to wake up in the mornings and have to get ready to risk your health - if not your life - at work. Being a frontline and essential worker during this pandemic means potentially being exposed to COVID-19. Jobs have changed the way they do things. Adjustments aren't always easy; when there's fear, they're even more difficult. The stressors added to the job range from enforcing those social distancing rules to schedule changes, all of which are things we aren't typically used to. For this and for keeping us and the communities safe, we say thank you!

Thank your frontline and essential workers

  1. Voice your gratitude: Whenever you make a trip to a pharmacy or grocery store or you casually run into your mailman, say thank you. Those two words can have more of an impact on their day than you may think.

  2. Make a sign: This can be a great way to gather your family for some arts and crafts. Make a sign, showing your thanks, and post it to your front door, home window, or car window. It's the little things!

  3. Be supportive: Do you have friends or family who are frontline/essential workers? Have you reached out to them? Give them a call and tell them how much you appreciate what they do. Maybe even cook a meal for them to show your appreciation.

  4. Stay home, if possible: Staying healthy is the best way you can help. Stop the spread. If you're healthy, you keep those around you healthy.

We, at Beurer, are so thankful!

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Kyla Curtis
Kyla Curtis
26 set 2022

I enjoyed readingg your post

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