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Every Day is a Special Day

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Did you know?

Every year, the fourth Saturday of Octyober is "Make a Difference Day". In the 1990s, USA Weekend magazine created this special day. Its purpose was to encourage people, all around the country, to dedicate one day of their year to help others. Whether it was actively participating in volunteer work for their community or making a monetary donation. The importance lies within the thought of lending a helping hand, but the activity can quite literally be anything.

While not everyone is aware of this national day, there are millions of Americans who participate in local projects that will benefit their community. Examples of some of these projects are the following: beach cleanups, fixing up houses, touching up paint, repairing damages, etc. There is no such thing as "big" or "small" when it comes to making a difference. Whether you volunteer at a non-profit organization or help your next-door neighbor, you helped someone. As long as you commit to just make one change, you made a difference!

There have been countless contributions that have made the world a better place. These range from helping patients in hospitals to rebuilding communities after a natural disaster, and even building a neighbor's fence.

Make a Difference Day has encouraged people to take action for change. They make a difference that will reflect in the world and within themselves.

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How will you be making a difference?

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