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Easter Fun

Easter is just around the corner! There is so much to do and so much to plan to make the most out of this special holiday while also staying safe amidst Covid-19. This week Beurer is sharing some fun DIY projects you can do with the little ones and some tips to stay safe during Easter activities!


Easter wouldn't be Easter without colorful dyed eggs. This recipe shows you how to dye eggs in the comfort of your home in just a few simple steps! It is the perfect way to include the kids in a quick and fun DIY project that can be used to decorate the house and your table setting for an Easter-themed meal.

DIY 3D Egg ornaments

Who doesn't love some arts & crafts projects? This quick tutorial shows you how to turn any leftover craft paper you may have from past projects into fun, 3D, Easter-themed ornaments to hang around the house. You can even use colorful markers and glitter glue to add some pizzazz to your creations! This is a great project to let your kids exercise their creative muscles and see their work displayed on Easter Sunday.

Easter Eggs Hunt

An Easter celebration would not be complete without an Easter egg hunt! If you plan on hosting an Easter gathering this year, Beurer recommends adhering to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines. If you plan on hosting an outdoor Easter egg hunt, don't forget to have your trusty Insect Bite Healer handy to tackle any pesky mosquito bites that may occur while enjoying the outdoors!

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