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Discover Your Well-Being

Your well-being starts with you. There is more to your well-being than just eating a healthy and balanced diet. Your well-being deals with every aspect of your life; your health, your life satisfaction, and your prosperity. There are actually different types of well-being and they all require different techniques to satisfy each one.

Well-Being In The Workplace

Many of us spend most of our time in a work environment, which means it is essential to create a workspace that is conducive to a healthy well-being. Creating a well-being friendly work environment may seem like a costly project, however, there's a wide variety of activities and adjustments that can be done that won't put a dent in the company's budget. Here's why we suggest implementing well-being initiatives in the workplace:

  1. Increases productivity and motivation

  2. Brings teams together and builds morale

  3. Decreases work-related stress

Well-Being Initiatives For The Workplace

Discounts for the local gym, yoga classes or other active classes - A great way to encourage employees to get up and moving and incorporate more activeness in their lives and also encourages socialization outside of work.

Encourage creativity with collaboration spaces - Designate an area in the office, other than the board room or conference room, where everyone can gather and throw ideas around. Ensure this space is well lit, vibrant and stimulates creativity.

Offer remote working once a week - This allows employees to have a moment to work in a more relaxing environment or even allow them to handle personal business while still completing work-related tasks.

A monthly healthy office lunch - This allows employees a moment to interact with each other in a more relaxed manner as well as maintaining their health and possibly trying new foods.

Volunteering opportunities - Many employees enjoy engaging in community work as it gives them a sense of purpose and the joy of giving back when they can.

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