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Check-in Time

It's strange to think the year once began in March, but that's what makes now such a good time to self-reflect. At the start of 2021, many people set their intentions for the year, known as their new year's resolutions. Life has a funny way of playing out and can get messy. The unexpected happens, and all of a sudden, it's three months into the new year and you feel lost as ever. Or on the other hand, you may have been filled with wonderful surprises and maybe your goals just slipped your mind.

Think about your new year's resolutions. Are they attainable? Have you started taking steps towards reaching those goals? Why did you set these goals? Are your goals still in line with your lifestyle? There's a reason behind each intention you set. Let go of the past couple of months and refresh. Get into the right mindset and start forming healthy habits.

It's okay to change it up. Perhaps you set these goals when you were in a completely different headspace. Maybe they were attainable then and now they're not, or you sold yourself short because what you really wanted didn't seem possible. Review what you had set yourself to accomplish, and make the changes necessary for YOU.

Rewrite your goals. Sometimes writing something down makes it that much more real. It also allows you to really engrave it into the mind that way. The way you write your goals is important. Make sure to focus on an overall goal, not an activity. Rather than saying "I want to work out more," try saying "My goal is to gain muscle by June."


Check-in on your goals. Check-in with yourself!

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