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Can You Repeat That Please?

We've all had to ask the person we are having a conversation with to repeat themselves. If you find yourself asking this question more frequently, then you may be experiencing restricted hearing. What is restricted hearing, you ask? Well, restricted hearing is when your ability to hear the voices and sounds around is reduced. This happens because the tiny hairlike nerves in your ear either become damaged or are missing and sound signals are sent to your brain in a less effective way. Damage to these nerves is usually caused by constant exposure to loud noises or aging. Since we can't do anything against aging, we can find ways to help you manage hearing loss.

Tips to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

1. Avoid loud noises

2. Use noise-canceling headphones instead of turning the volume up

3. Don't listen to music at more than 60% of the max volume

4. Protect your hearing during loud events and activities (sporting events, concerts, clubs)

5. If you are in an environment with loud noises, try to take a break every 15 minutes

6. Allow your ears at least 18 hours to recover from loud noise exposure

7. Take precautions at work like wearing ear protection if operating loud equipment

A Hearing Amplifier Might Be What You Need

If you are already suffering from restricted hearing or just wish you could hear sounds around you, the Beurer Hearing Amplifier might be the product for you! A hearing amplifier is a hearing device that increases your ability to hear all the sounds in your environment. How it works is that it picks up all the various sounds using a microphone, those sounds are then amplified into your ears. The best thing about our Hearing Amplifier is its ergonomic fit and barely visible to others around you. It also comes with 3 different attachments making it easily adjustable to fit in your ear.


The best way to ensure our ears are functioning at their full potential is to do activities that strengthen our hearing and hearing comprehension skills. Check out these effective but fun apps, programs and activities that will improve your hearing!

Don't miss out on the amazing sounds of life, improve, prevent or treat your restricted hearing

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