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But Most Of All, Happy Fall!

Can you believe yesterday was already the first day of Autumn? It's time to put away the bathing suits and sunscreen, and bring out the scarves and pumpkins! While the temperature begins to cool down in the north, states like Florida remain quite warm but the humidity starts to dwindle. It's a great time to enjoy the outdoors.


Let's rake up some history

Do you ever wonder why it's called Fall? Well, before it was "autumn" or "fall" it was actually referred to as the harvest season. Because Autumn and Spring were always just viewed as seasons that precede Winter and Summer, their names were often changed. The English word "autumn" derived from the Latin word "autumnus". However, as people began to see the leaves falling from trees in the temperate areas of North America and Europe, they began to call it "fall". Isn't it interesting how much change a season brings?


Fall Activities

While we continue to practice social distancing, we can still enjoy these months of autumn. Here are some activities you can participate, with company or alone:

  • Go for a hike

  • Visit a pumpkin patch

  • Carve a pumpkin

  • Decorate for the holidays

  • Go apple picking

  • Try out a new baking recipe

  • Plan a picnic

  • Go candle shopping (maybe pick up a spiced candle)

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18 sept. 2021

I enjoyed readinng this

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