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Bring on the Heat...Again

While many may be fortunate enough to be enjoying 80-degree weather in February, others are experiencing the effects of the widespread snowstorms that have struck many states. The devastating impacts Texas, for one, has endured, have left people with power outages for an indefinite period of time. New yorkers and Bostonians have also experienced some of the worst blizzards of all time this past month, with two feet of snow accumulating in two days' time, but this is something north-eastern states are more accustomed to.

Though things may be clearing out and warmer times are ahead, this has shown everyone to be prepared to snuggle up. Maybe these times have shown you that staying in and watching a movie is the best type of night, or maybe you're still a little frozen from the past couple of weeks. You probably had already stocked up on all your fuzzy socks and warm blankets for the winter season, there's nothing quite like a heated blanket to keep you cozy. Beurer's extensive line of heating products has got you covered!

Our Electric Heated Blanket gives you the option to choose from 4 different temperature settings - pick your own comfort! Use it to get toasty again, or to cuddle up and watch your favorite movies on a chilly weekend.

Is it a heat lamp you're looking for? Not only is this great to warm you up, but our Infrared Heat Lamp is also great for muscle tension and pain. Infrared light therapy provides pain relief by penetrating deeper layers of the skin. It improves blood flow, treats inflammation, and promotes cell repair!


Stay Warm with Beurer

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Ole Ottosen
Ole Ottosen
Mar 03, 2021

Hvad skal jeg bruge det til. jeres varer lever ikke op til det i lover

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