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Bounce Back After The Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is officially over, there's only one slice of pecan pie left and the guilt of all that binge eating during this short holiday is starting to set in. Don't beat yourself up about it. Regardless of how bad you think the damage is, with some determination and motivation getting back to your healthy habits and routine can be simple and easy.

First Thing's First: Reset Your Diet

Cooking healthy at home

The last few days have been filled with endless amounts of desserts, stuffing, and your favorite holiday drinks. Your body has become accustomed to these larger portions and you are probably craving them more than usual. Resetting your diet should help eliminate that sluggish feeling you are experiencing and curb those cravings.

1. Get back to your normal eating schedule

You may feel like you need to skip meals in order to get back on track but that actually does more harm than good. Skipping meals will cause your body to shift into conservation mode and burn fewer calories. This means any fat that was gained during these past few days, your body will begin to hold on to it. Consuming steady meals causes your body to do the opposite. It will maximize metabolism, regulate blood sugar and insulin levels and combat those hunger hormones.

2. Increase your potassium intake

Potassium is great for eliminating that heavy bloating feeling. It is a natural diuretic so removes excess sodium from your body and reduces your water retention.

3. Adjust your proportions

Adjust your serving size of the different food groups without drastically cutting your calories and sending your body into a state of shock. Include more non-starchy vegetables and lean protein on your plate and smaller portions of good fats and healthy slow-burning starch.

One of the best ways to reset your diet is by incorporating more homecooked meals into your daily life so you are in control of the ingredients. When cooking more homecooked meals, measuring the right amount is essential to having the current intake of each food group. We recommend our Digital Kitchen Scale to accurately measure all the ingredients your recipes call for.

Sleeping At The Right Time

Another aspect of your life that will help you back to your healthy habits is adjusting your sleep schedule. Not only will you be getting sufficient amounts of sleep but going to bed earlier will combat that late-night walks to the kitchen for a slice of the pecan pie.

1. Every night try to go to bed or at least be in bed earlier, even if it's just by 15 minutes. This will slowly change your internal clock as your body will begin to pick up on the routine and it will become natural for you to fall asleep at an earlier time.

2. Skipping the naps are a must, no matter how tired you are. Evening naps will throw your entire sleep schedule off. We have all experienced a nap that was supposed to be just 30 minutes but turned into 3 hours and now you are up until 3 am and completely dead the next da. This is how evening naps and bad sleep schedule develops.

3. Set the mood and create a relaxing bedtime routine by taking a warm bath and playing some soft relaxing music or nature-like sounds. We recommend our Sound Asleep White Noise Machine which includes 6 different peaceful sounds that will create the perfect environment for prepping your body for a good night's rest.

Let's Get Back On Track!💪

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