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August is usually the month where kids are preparing to go #BackToSchool. This year, things are a little different - or maybe not. Some students were excited as ever to go back to a normal schedule and see their friends, while others dread the thought of having to wake up early again. Nevertheless, going back to school lies in a ground of uncertainty throughout this pandemic.

Whether or not classes are held face-to-face, the learning must go on. The transition to fully online classes for elementary, middle and high-school students might be difficult, but it will be an adjustment everyone has to make. It'll also take a toll on the staff. Remember, this is new to everyone.

As each state takes their own measures to enforce safety precautions, the approaches might differ. Only one thing is certain: we must be prepared. Students must prepare for a change in routine, parents must start making arrangements, and teachers must start planning their agendas. Does everyone have all the materials they need?

Getting Ready To Get #BackToLearning

  1. Start going to bed early

  2. Get all your school supplies

  3. Plan your outfits

  4. Plan out your schedule

  5. Set up your space

Whether you're starting school at home or in a classroom, all of these tips are helpful.

P.S. Don't forget to check if your state has a Sales Tax Free Weekend where you can buy all of the basics and essentials for going #BackToSchool or, as Beurer likes, #BackToLearning.

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