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Back To School With Beurer🏫

The school year quickly came back around and is here again. From frantically running around gathering school supplies to ensuring their clothes are ironed and ready for the first day- it is never a smooth transition from summer to school.

However, Beurer has come up with a list of products that will help ease the tensions. With products to assist you in the before school, during school, and after school process.

Before School

Bed-hair is no excuse for having a bad hair day on the first day of school- or any. Our brush differs from ordinary ones because of its ion technology that actively combats frizz. Within minutes you can achieve beautiful hair with minimum effort.

4-in-1 Wake-Up Light $71.76

Waking up at any age is never easy and for kids, there is no exception. To ease into the morning clock, our Wake-Up Light simulates sunrise, making it easier for everyone.

Electric Facial Cleansing Brush $23.98

Cleansing your face is important to have a fresh morning glow, and helps stimulation blood flow, which helps to wake up.

During School

Handheld Mini Body Massager $11.99

During lunch, your child may need something to relax after attending stressful classes. Our portable mini body massager can help them refocus after a long day.

Lower Back Pain Support Belt $35.31

Sitting all day can take a toll on kids' back. Our seamless lower back pain support belt can help ease any pain they experience while in class. Simply place the belt underneath clothing and turn it on for relief.

Bluetooth Smart Activity Sensor Fitness Tracker $19.95

Our sensor fitness tracker is able to track your child's sleeping pattern. Also, being able to track your footsteps.

After School

Electric Lice Comb $28.78

Kids aren't the only ones at school... sometimes there may be lice, especially if they are in elementary. Tackle the problem early on with our electric lice comb that is designed without chemicals, it changes the acoustic signal when it comes into contact with hair lice or nit and struck them, making it easier to remove them.

Digital Ear Thermometer $31.14

Germs are everywhere and sooner or later your little one might get sick. Our Digital Ear Thermometer has fever and symbol alarms help to alert you to abnormal temperatures.

Shiatsu Foot Massager $56.74

Perfect for moms and kids: our Shiatsu Foot Massager will help you relax after a stressful day. A powerful kneading massage featuring 18 rotating massage heads.

Start the school year right and save yourself time and frustration with our before, during and after school routine.

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