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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

We've all heard this saying before and it's true, eating healthy and balanced will keep the doctor away. A healthy diet is one that includes nutrients from the five food groups and fulfills all of your nutritional needs while staying within the recommended daily calorie intake. Having a balanced diet provides many benefits; improves longevity and overall mood, boosts energy, controls weight and reduces your risk of some diseases. Now that you have an idea about what a balanced diet should be and how beneficial it is, let's get into some tips on how to make your diet a healthier and more balanced one.

Slow Down

The pace at which we eat plays a huge role in how much food we consume at every meal. Our appetite, amount of food intake and being satisfied are controlled by hormones. While we eat, these hormones send signals to the brain to transmit the message that the body is satisfied. Unfortunately, since these signals take about 20 minutes to be received, eating slowely is encouraging to avoid overeating and feeling full.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein is known as the king of nutrients because of its ability to affect our hunger and satiety hormones. It is also the most filling macronutrient. Ensuring that there is some protein in every meal you eat, will help you feel fuller for longer, curb cravings and make you less likely to overeat. One of the best ways to incorporate protein into your diet is by having eggs for breakfast. Not only are eggs rich in high-quality protein but having them in the morning increases your feeling of fullness causing you to consume fewer calories over the next 36 hours.

Cook At Home More Often

We all enjoy eating out, but the problem with this is we have no control over what ingredients are really used, the portion sizes and how expensive it can be. The best way to ensure you are eating a healthy meal every time that fulfills all your nutritional needs and is easy on your pockets is by cooking it yourself. Before you start cooking your own meals, ensure that you have all the right tools. Beurer offers two different kitchen scales that can come in handy when it is time to weigh those ingredients to ensure you are eating just the right amount.

With its minimalistic design and touch screen technology, our Multi-Function Digital Scale will fit perfectly with any kitchen decor. Its multi-function capabilities allow you to switch between g, oz, lb: oz, ml, fl.oz. which means you can weigh just about any ingredient that your recipe calls for. Our Multi-Function Digital Scale is available now on our Amazon Page.

If you are cooking for more than two, then your recipes will call for a larger quantity of the ingredients. Our XL Stainless Steel Scale was designed to weigh ingredients up to 33lbs. For those extra-large ingredients that may cover the entire scale, a HOLD feature has been incorporated into the scale. Once the HOLD feature has been activated the scale will hold the weight of the ingredients for you to keep your measurement while still cooking. Our XL Stainless Steel Scale is available on Amazon.

Happy Cooking!

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