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A Little Shopping Prep

Let's just start off by saying there are three types of people:

1. The one who skips out on Thanksgiving dinner and rushes to their favorite stores to shop the "best sale of the year", or Black Friday. This person stays in long lines for hours just to be the first to enter the store and snag the brand new purse, or for the sake of 2020, the PS5. And if this person's a hard-core "shop till you drop" kind, they may even camp outside of the store for almost 24 hours. If this isn't you, this might sound intense...


2. The one who LOVES to shop but can't bear the thought of being jam-packed in a mall with hundreds of people - hello, personal space! This person might stay up all Sunday night to hit the best Cyber Monday deals before they're sold out. The clicking away is all the adrenaline they need. They dodge all the long lines and wait a few days to receive their goodies.


3. "Black Friday? Cyber Monday? What's that?"


This year may be a little different, as it has been with just about everything. 2020 has been full of cancellations: concerts, sporting events, travel plans, and just about any social activity. Luckily, shopping isn't fully canceled. Many stores have been offering discounted prices all month, or are starting to announce an extended Cyber Monday, meaning you can get the hottest electronics, toys, or other gifts starting on Friday - all online! While there aren't any stampedes predicted to occur this year, some people may still want to run in and get their doorbuster deals, so it's important to take caution.


  1. Search your favorite stores and see what deals they have going on and when they start.

  2. See which stores are incorporating free shipping into their special deals.

  3. If you MUST join the frenzy in-person, make sure to wear a face-covering at all times.

  4. Keep in mind capacity limitations. If lines are usually long, take capacity into account.

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