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A Healthy Life is A Happy Life

When are gyms reopening? Should I go when they open? When can I start my healthy lifestyle again? Will I ever be as fit as I was?

For someone who is used to an active lifestyle, quarantine may have put a strain on it. These questions may be racing through your mind and might have even caused some stress, but this is the time to rediscover other activities.

Gyms and team sports break all social distancing rules, but there are tons of exercises you can do both outdoors and in the comfort of your own home.

Activities for Staying Active while social distancing

  1. Take a walk/run

  2. Ride your bike

  3. Go for a hike

  4. Practice a sport you like in your backyard

  5. Meet a friend at the park for a workout and stay at least 6 feet apart

  6. Dance around your house - this is a great workout!

  7. Make up your own circuit indoors, including push-ups, squats, crunches, etc.

  8. Try doing some Yoga or Pilates indoors

Those who don't participate in physical activity are at a higher risk of developing chronic illness, having loss of movement, and a weaker immune system. Having an active lifestyle relieves stress and anxiety, provides immune support, aids in weight management, reduce health risks, and enhances flexibility.

Start by making small changes. Set an intention and go for it! Gym or no gym, your healthy lifestyle can start now.


Healthy Life = Happy Life

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