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2020: The Time For Change

It's been one tough year, hasn't it? We are living history. This year holds a deadly pandemic, natural disasters, and now, a fight for equality. Our hearts are heavy with all that is going on. Many lives were taken by the virus, and now the light is shed on black lives lost due to racial injustice.

While hundreds of thousands of people post on social media, sign petitions, and attend protests, you're probably asking what you can do to help.

Use your voice, whether it be speaking out on platforms, reaching out to officials, going out to vote, contacting friends and family who have been affected directly, making donations, or attending peaceful protests.

Below are a few links that will help educate you and show you ways to take action:

It is important to do your own research. Educate yourself on past events. Study the facts. Form your own opinions. Most of all, it is important to not remain silent.


Beurer, a 101-year-old company, with a presence all over the world, believes in equality and liberty and opposes racism, prejudice, discrimination, and oppression.

We stand with the black community.


How will you make a difference?

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